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hp_creation's Journal

The Harry Potter Fic/Art Project
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hp_creation groups fan artists and fanfic writers together to create illustrated Harry Potter fictions.

Artist and writers will be assembled together in groups or pairs in each wave (no more than 3 writers per group, but unlimited artists) and you will be assigned a baseline for your illustrated fiction (characters, slash, het etc), but what actually happens in your illustrated fic is up to you! It is then artists' job to start the project, every artist must submit one illustration for their group which the writer's must base their fiction around. For example, whatever the artists draw must be included in the fiction. The writers must then work together and produce a fic.

Fictions may range from drabbles to novel-length, and your time frame to complete the work will be adjusted accordingly depending on how long your fiction will be. Any rating is acceptable for both art and fics.

When each group is finished the illustrated fictions will be posted for all to see!

::::::::::::::INFORMATION FOR THE FIRST WAVE::::::::::::::::::

First wave signups are officially closed. Though if you missed them but would still like to participate, email one of us (see below) and we'll see what we can do.

INSTRUCTIONS: Look a the 'FIRST WAVE PAIRINGS' post to see who your partner is. I suggest you go give them a big ol' 'howdy'. Next, find the post designated to you and your partner.. here you will be given your theme and you can discuss your ideas and link to your WIP's by commenting. As explained in the community explanation above, we prefer the art to be submitted first and then the fic written around that, because its not done that way very often and we think it might make for some interesting stuff. But, that being said, we don't want you to struggle with these, so if you are having problems, the artist or the ficcer can start off the project.

All completed art and fics are due by 30TH OCTOBER (unless you are endevouring in a novel length, in which case email one of us) Please post your completed (and titled) fics and art to littlun_art where the mods can sort it out.

The illustrated fictions will be posted to hp_creation soon after the 30th October and a winner (yay!) will be selected by poll.

N.B. All pairings and themes were selected by random and cannot be changed. Ficcers who are in need of a beta, KINDLY ask your artist, if they are unable email one of us and we can sort that out for you.


The Harry Potter Fic/Art Project is brought to you by _littlun_ and snailfin

This is an open community. If you have any questions, email them to Blinkmeday@aol.com

N.B. littlun_art is affiliated with us, and also maintained by _littlun_, snailfin and silver_osiris.

littlun_art does not limit to posting artwork, but also accepts fic. It is a sub community for hp_creation.